“Constantine Kitsopoulos makes the supple, sensitive orchestra sound like an extension of thought”
         New York Times

“Constantine Kitsopoulos conducts the score with invigorating energy”
        New York Daily News

“Kitsopoulos approach to Puccini’s most mature work was indicative of the high standards that characterized all three performances.”
        Mainichi Daily News

“Constantine Kitsopoulos wrought the musicians of the Hong Kong Philharmonic into an outstanding evening’s entertainment.”
        Hong Kong Standard

“Constantine Kitsopoulos displayed a stylistic flexibility that was nothing short of stunning”
        Lexington Herald Leader

“There is something of Bernstein in Kitsopoulos’ use of arm and body movement to sustain a phrase; he can shape a musical line through its rise and fall and hold it just long enough at the peak to savor it.”
        New York City Tribune


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